Past Progressive עבר ממושך תרגול

איילת צדוק דקדוק

Past Progressive – טיפים:

* שימו לב לביטוי הזמן, לסדר הפעולות והאם הן ארוכות או קצרות.

*פעלי מצב יקבלו עבר פשוט

*כאשר ישנן מספר פעולות המתרחשות ברצף ולא חופפות בשום דרך, כולן תהיינה בעבר פשוט. לדוגמה:

I turned off the lights and went to sleep.

Past Simple or Past Progressive


  1. He ___________ (clean) the house when his brother ___________ (call).
  2. While Mr. Levy ___________ (watch) TV, Mrs. Levy ___________ (read) a book.
  3. I ___________ (wait) for my friend when it ___________ (start) to rain.
  4. When father ___________ (come) home last night, his children ___________(play) a card game.
  5. The dog ___________ (bark) all evening because it ___________ (be) bored.
  6. We ___________ (not watch) a movie at 9:00 yesterday.
  7. I ___________ (bake) a cake from 3:00 to 4:00.
  8. When I ___________ (wake up) this morning, it ___________ (snow).
  9. Moshe ___________ (write) a paper as his bother ___________ (play) on the computer.
  10. I ___________ (come) home and ___________ (leave) a minute later.
  11. We ___________ (go) to the mall when we ___________ (meet) him.
  12. The baby ___________ (eat) while his father ___________ (read) a newspaper.
  13. What ___________ you ___________ (do) yesterday between 7:00 and 9:00?
  14. ___________ you ___________ (cook) yesterday afternoon?
  15. She ___________ (not sleep) yesterday at 2:00.
  16. The boy ___________ (jump) and ___________ (fall).
  17. ___________ he ___________ (ride) his bike when the accident ___________ (happen)?
  18. They ___________ (speak) and suddenly ___________ (hear) a scream.
  19. ___________ it ___________ (rain) all night?
  20. Who ___________ (talk) on the phone When I ___________ (come in).
  21. While I ___________ (tidy) my drawers yesterday I suddenly ___________ (come across) an old toy.
  22. While they ___________ (discuss) the news, I ___________ (wait) for the bus.
  23. As people in the club ___________ (dance) the Dj ___________ (play) mainstream music.
  24. I ___________ (not have) time to prepare myself a cup of coffee this morning so I ___________ (buy) one.
  25. I ___________ (wash) the dishes when a plate ___________ (slip) and ___________ (break).

רוצה להבין לעומק את past progressive ולהצליח במבחן?השאיר/י את פרטי ההורים כאן ואצור עמם קשר. 



was cleaning, called

was watching, was reading

was waiting, started

came, were playing

was barking, was

weren’t watching

was baking

woke up, was snowing

was writing, was playing

came, left

were going, met

was eating, was reading

were doing

were cooking

wasn’t sleeping

jumped, fell

was riding, happened

were speaking, heard

was raining

was talking, came in

was tidying, came across

were discussing, was waiting

were dancing, was playing

didn’t have, bought

was washing, slipped, broke


יש לכם שאלות? אשמח לענות לכם!

הצטרפו לקבוצת הפייסבוק שלי כאן, כתבו לי שם את השאלה ותקבלו תשובה 🙂


לתרגול נוסף של past progressive לחצו על הקישור הזה.