STATIVE VERBS פעלי מצב תרגול אותיות של הפועל love בצבע ורוד איילת צדוק מורה לאנגלית

Stative Verbs פעלי מצב תרגול

Stative Verbs – השלימו את הפועל בצורה הנכונה:

  1. She _________ (have) two sisters.
  2. I _________ (visit) France this week.
  3. I _________ (think) something is burning in the kitchen.
  4. We _________ (think) about the problem now.
  5. She is yelling but she _________ (not mean) to be bad.
  6. _________ you _________ (know) Spanish?
  7. He _________ (listen) but he _________ (not hear) anything.
  8. Today they _________ (drink) tea. Their tea _________ (taste) good.
  9. She _________ (look for) her wallet at the moment but she can’t _________ (find) it.
  10. _________ you _________ (believe) in ghosts?
  11. This week I _________ (have fun).
  12. My children _________ (like) to eat junk food.
  13. I travel abroad every summer but this summer I _________ (want) to stay home.
  14. The nurse _________ (weigh) the baby now. I wonder how much he _________ (weigh).
  15. It _________ (cost) 10 shekels to buy bread in Denmark nowadays.
  16. Can I talk to the doctor? No, She _________ (see) patients now.
  17. This week we _________ (have) a special event for singles.
  18. I’m sorry but I _________ (not remember) your name.
  19. _________ you _________ (agree) with me?
  20. My mother _________ (listen) to the radio at the moment.
  21. Your idea _________ (sound) good.
  22. Can I borrow your pen? I _________ (need) it now.
  23. Please call me later. Right now I _________ (have) lunch with my husband.
  24. He _________ (not have) many friends.
  25. What _________ you _________ (think) about right now?
  26. You _________ (seem) to be smart.
  27. We _________ (taste) the soup now to see if we should add more salt.
  28. _________ I _________ (smell) bad?
  29. _________ he _________ (practice) the guitar today?
  30. I _________  (look) at you and you _________  (look) quite good.

רוצה להבין לעומק את stative verbs ולהצליח במבחן?השאיר/י את פרטי ההורים כאן ואצור עמם קשר. 


has, am visiting, think, are thinking, doesn't mean, do+know, is listening+doesn't hear, are drinking+tastes, is looking for, find, do+believe, am having fun, like, want, is weighing+weighs, costs, is seeing, have, don't remember, do+agree, is listening, sounds, need, am having, are+thinking, seem, are tasting, do+smell, am looking+look. 

לתרגול נוסף בנושא stative verbs לחצו כאן.