PRESENT PROGRESSIVE הווה ממושך תרגול פתק שכתוב עליו "עשה זאת עכשיו" איילת צדוק מורה לאנגלית

Present Progressive הווה ממושך תרגול

.בעמוד זה נתרגל מגוון של תרגילים – מכל הסוגים בחיובי שלילה שאלה

טיפ: הרגילו עצמכם להדגיש את ביטוי הזמן בצבע. זה ישרת אתכם בעתיד כשתצטרכו להבחין בין הזמנים.

positive sentences – משפטים חיוביים:

  1. Look at the baby! He _______ (smile)

  2. You ________ (fly) to China this year.

  3. We ________ (study) for the test today.

  4. Our kids _______ (make) a lot of noise now.

  5. My friends _______ (go) on a trip this week.

  6. My mother _______ (celebrate) her birthday tonight.

  7.  Be quiet! My parents _______ (sleep).

  8. They _____ (move) to NYC next month.

  9. I ______ (read) a book at the moment.

  10. I _______ (paint) the house tomorrow.



negative sentences – משפטי שלילה:

  1. Adi ______ (not type) a letter at the moment.

  2. I ______ (not sleep) now.

  3. Moshe ______ (not go) to Tel-Aviv tomorrow.

  4. She ______ (not improve) her Chinese these days.

  5.  I _______ (not cook) this evening.

  6.  You ______ (not learn) English at present.

  7.  He _____ (not smile) right now.

  8.  My cousins ________(not visit) us next week. 

  9. I _____ (not clean) the house today.

  10. Rotem ______ (not laugh) at you.

:משפטי שאלות כן/לא – yes/no sentences


1. Our dog is dying.


2. My family and I are going to the movies tonight.


3. She is going out in two minutes.


4. The course is opening this week.


5. We are writing letter right now.


6. I am driving fast.


7. Many children are coming to my party next week.


8. You are buying a car today!


9. Your sister is speaking at the moment.


10. The dog is barking because it is hungry.


שאלות פתוחות:  – wh Questions 


1. The students are listening to the teacher now.


2. The dogs are playing in the park today.


3. The trains are making a lot of noise.


4. Our car is breaking down.


5. I am wearing a beautiful dress tonight.


6. Yotam and Daniel are talking loudly.


7. People are getting better at English nowadays.


8. The kids are taking the test tomorrow.


9. We are buying a lot of milk this month.


10. Roni is crying because of the sad news.


רוצה להצטיין בהווה ממושך? לחץ כאן




is smiling, are flying, are studying, are  making, are going, is celebrating, are sleeping, are moving, am reading, am painting 


 isn't typing, am not sleeping, isn't going, isn't improving, am not cooking, am not learning, isn't smiling, aren't visiting, am not cleaning, isn't laughing

שאלות כן/לא

?Is our dog dying

Are my family and I going to the movies tonight?

Is she going out in 2 minutes?

Is the course opening this week?

Are we writing letters right now?

Am I driving fast?

Are many children coming to my party next week?

Are you buying a car today?

Is your sister speaking at the moment?

Is the dog barking because it is hungry?

wh שאלות 

When are the students listening to the teacher?

Where are the dogs playing today?

  Who is making a lot of noise?

What is breaking down?

What am I wearing tonight?

How are Yotam and Daniel talking?

When are people getting better at English?

What are the kids taking tomorrow?

How much milk are we buying this month.

Why is Roni crying?

לעוד תרגול לחצו כאן.