Present Perfect Simple הווה מושלם תרגול

מספר טיפים:

for – במשך. מכיוון שfor מציין טווח זמן, לפניו יבוא My parents have lived here for twenty five years. present perfect.

since – מאז. לאחר since יבוא ביטוי זמן בעבר או משפט עם פעולה בעבר. I have been sad since I heard the bad news.

ביטויי הזמן yet יבוא במשפט שאלה ושלילה: The sun has not risen yet. Has the sun risen yet?

ביטוי הזמן already יבוא בחיוב: I have seen this movie already.

ביטוי הזמן ever יבוא בשאלה: Have you ever played chess?

ביטוי הזמן never יתן משמעות שלילית למשפט חיובי:  She has never done this before.

Present Perfect Simple or Past Simple

  1. 1. Who ____________ (call) you last night?
  2. She ____________ (be) sad lately.
  3. What ____________ you (learn) so far?
  4. Guess what! I ____________ (just see) Dani in the restaurant. He ____________ (look) great.
  5. She ____________ (not see) her parents for ages.
  6. We ____________ (play) Rummikub Yesterday.
  7. I ____________ (visit) Barcelona three times.
  8. ____________you ____________ (ever see) such a nice man?
  9. I ____________ (enjoy) the meal last night.
  10. He ____________ (already take) the bus to Jerusalem.
  11. They ____________ (not wake up) yet.
  12. I ____________ (have) my dog for two years.
  13. We ____________ (receive) the letter two hours ago.
  14. She ____________ (live) in New York since she ____________ (be) fifteen years old.
  15. Since I ____________ (see) him I ____________ (not sleep).
  16. Hagai ____________ (not talk) to me since he ____________ (leave) the house.
  17. ____________ you ____________ (throw out) the garbage yet?
  18. Tal ____________ (be) in love with her boyfriend for three years.
  19. Let me relax. I ____________ just (come) here.
  20. Last year I ____________ (visit) London.
  21. I ____________ (play) football since I ____________ (be) a child.
  22. I ____________ (miss) the bus and then ____________ (miss) the first lesson as well.
  23. I ____________ (miss) the bus so I am going to be late.
  24. I am sorry, Yael isn’t here. She ____________ (go) shopping.
  25. He ____________ (live) in Vienna when he ____________ (be) a child.

Present Perfect Simple or Present Simple

  1. Since I was a child, I ­­­­­­______________ (always look for) adventures. I ______________ (be) a very adventurous type.
  2. I ______________ (have) a bad habit of eating unhealthy food. So far this week I ______________ (already eat) five chocolate bars.
  3. She ______________ (never stop) complaining. She ______________ (never be) happier in her life but she ______________ (keep) complaining all the time.
  4. The Levys ______________ (never be) abroad although they ______________ (be) married for five years.
  5. I ______________ (always have) dogs. I ______________ (love) having animals in my house.
  6. They ______________ (watch) Friends every evening. Actually they ______________ (watch) it since they moved in together.
  7. He ______________ (cook) and ______________ (clean) every day.
  8. She ______________ (never do) the laundry. She ______________ (let) other people do it for her.
  9. English lessons ______________ (always be) my favorite in school. They ______________ (seem) to be my sister’s favorite as well.
  10. ______________ (you ever run) more than 14 km in one run? Believe it or not, some people ______________ (do) it a few times a week.


Present Perfect Simple or Past Simple

called, has been, have learned, have just seen+looked, hasn't seen, played, have visited, have ever seen, enjoyed, has already taken, haven't woken up, have had, received, has lived+was, saw+haven't slept, hasn't talked+left, have thrown out, has been, have just come, visited, have played+was, missed+missed, has gone, lived+was.

Present Perfect Simple or Present Simple

have always looked for+am, have+have already eaten, never stops+has never been+keeps, have never been+have been, have always had+love, watch+have watched, cooks+cleans, has never done+lets, have always been+seem, have run+do.