Present Perfect Progressive תרגול

Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Progressive

  1. We __________ (work) outside all day.
  2. What _________ (you do) with yourself all this time?
  3. He __________ (not call) so far.
  4. __________ (you see) Tammy since 9:00 o’clock?
  5. We __________ (wait) for you since 5:00 o’clock.
  6. I __________ (phone) Adam several times.
  7. I __________ (watch) this show lately.
  8. They __________ (date) for the last three months.
  9. She __________ (look for) the keys for an hour and __________ (not find) them.
  10. I __________ (make) many mistakes in my life.
  12. He __________ (think) about the problem for hours but he __________ (not find) a solution yet.
  13. How long __________ (you be) a teacher?
  14. I __________ (have) my car for ten years.
  15. I __________ (watch) Fauda all day. It’s one of the greatest TV shows I __________ (ever see).
  16. __________ (you finish) your assignment yet?
  17. How long __________ (he take) Chinese lessons?
  1. He looks very tired. He __________ (work) very hard recently.
  2. Her eyes are red. She __________ (cry)
  3. I __________ (eat) two meals today.
  4. The baby’s face is brown. She __________ (eat) chocolate.
  5. How long __________ (you know) each other?
  6. Motti __________ (play) outside since he __________ (get up) this morning.
  7. The sky __________ (be) grey all week.
  8. My friend __________ (travel) around Italy the whole week. She __________ (manage) to see a lot of places.
  9. I __________ (never believe) in superstitions and I am not going to start now.

רוצה להצטיין בpresent perfect progressive? לחץ כאן


have been working, have you been doing, hasn't called, have you seen, have been waiting, have phoned, have been watching, have been dating, has been looking+hasn't found, have made, has been thinking+hasn't found, have you been, have had, have been watching+have ever seen, have you finished, has he been taking, has been working, has been crying, have eaten, has been eating, have you known, has been playing+got up, has been, has been traveling+has managed, have never believed. 

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