Past Perfect Simple עבר מושלם תרגול

Past Simple or Past Perfect

  1. By the time I ____________ (get) home my mother ____________ already (leave).
  2. After I ____________ (read) the book I ____________ (understand) the movie.
  3. Ofer ____________ (meet) Chen before he ____________ (leave) Maya.
  4. When I ____________ (meet) him he ____________ (already hear) the news.
  5. We ____________ (get married) after we ____________ (finish) our studies.
  6. She ____________ (succeed) although she ____________ (not practice) before.
  7. The movie ____________ (start) before the lights ____________ (go out).
  8. The baby ____________ (fall) asleep as soon as his parents ____________ (feed) him.
  9. Last year I ____________ (pass) all my exams.
  10. When I ____________ (get) to the airport I realized I ____________ (forget) my passport.
  11. I went to college, then ____________ (buy) coffee and ____________ (walk) to the classroom.
  12. When we ____________ (arrive) at the bus stop, the bus ____________ (already leave).
  13. I ____________ (open) the handbag to find that I ____________ (forget) my money at home.
  14. The roads were wet – It ____________ (rain) while I was out.
  15. I felt ill last night because I ____________ (drink) too much alcohol.
  16. Yaron ____________ (meet) Or last June.
  17. First I ____________ (do) homework, then I ____________ (watch) my favorite TV show.
  18. When I ____________ (get) home yesterday the apartment was a mess because my boyfriend ____________ (throw) a party.
  19. It ____________ (not rain) all winter so the Kinneret was empty.
  20. I was happy to see that my sister ____________ (clean) the house.

רוצה להצטיין בpast perfect? לחץ כאן


got+had already left, had read+understood, had met+left, met+had already heard, got married+had finished, succeeded+hadn't practiced, had started+went out, fell+had fed, passed, got+had forgotten, bought+walked, arrived+had already left, opened+had forgotten, had rained, had drunk, met, did+watched, got+had thrown, hadn't rained, had cleaned.


לתרגול נוסף לחצו כאן